Quarried 6F5 Capping Limestone

Quarried 6F5 Capping Limestone

Other Name(s):

6F5, 4" Down Crusher Run, 4" Crush


Consists of:

An aggregate composed of crushed limestone. Sizes range from 100mm down to dust. The term 6F5 Capping is generally used to describe a product that is similar in size and grading to recycled 6F2 Crusher Run but made from quarried stone instead. 6F5 Capping is mainly used a sub-base for roads and buildings although it has many other uses such as Piling Mats and general backfill. The coarse nature of 6F5 makes it a very good all in one product which when compacted forms a hardwearing surface. 6F5 Capping is ideal as an initial layer of hardcore before being finished off with a layer of type 1 sized material.


Ideal for:

Hard-standings, haul roads, building sub-bases, path/road/highway/driveway/patio sub-bases, piling mats.



Loose by the 8 Wheeler Load.


Minimum Order Quantity:

1 x 8 Wheeler Load. (19-21 tonnes)

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